Get all your manly essentials delivered to your door!

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In this day and age, you can get anything delivered right to your door. With 2020 right around the corner, I’m listing off the top five subscription boxes you should subscribe for to help elevate your gentleman's status.

Trunk Club

Now if you’re still one of those guys who thinks shopping is a total nightmare then this is your go-to subscription. Once you sign up for Trunk Club you take a survey that covers your personal preferences, the type of clothes you’re looking for (i.e. casual or dressy), sizes, and more.

Then you'll be given a stylist who'll help you select items around your preferences.

One of the good things about Trunk Club is that it’s curated whenever you request it. Which means you get as much or as little as you need. There’s also no membership fee. You simply keep what you want and return what you don't.


If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for your grooming needs then Birchbox is what you’ve been looking for. They offer a wide variety of skincare, haircare, and oral care products. You literally can find it all with Birchbox - even fragrances.

The customized box is $20 a month and comes with four sample grooming items and one lifestyle item like an accessory or gadget.

When you find a sample that you really like you can order the full-size item, with a discount, on their site.

London Sock Company

For those gentlemen that wear dress socks everyday then this will definitely liven up the routine. London Sock Company makes some of the highest-quality socks around and their exactly what you need to keep up your suit game.

You can get one, two, or three new pairs a month!

Amazon Prime Wardrobe

Now if trusting an online stylist to pick out your clothes freaks you out then you’ll enjoy building out your wardrobe with Amazon Prime.

You get to choose three to eight items sent to you to try on and only pay for the ones you decide to keep. The rest you can return with a pre-paid shipping label.


Under Armour’s subscription box is the perfect choice to get your best-looking gym gear. You fill out a personal profile with your gym habits and goals and you’ll receive a head-to-toe box of gym gear that aligns with your training goals.

You pay per product and receive the box every 30, 60, or 90 days.

Listen to The Geeky Gentleman Podcast Episode 21: Power Rangers Rebooted Again & The Top 5 Subscription Boxes For Men here!

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