WandaVision premieres January 15, 2021 on Disney+.

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Marvel hasn’t officially stated who Katheryn Hahn is portraying in the upcoming series of WandaVision. Currently, on IMDB Hahn’s character name is only listed as Agnes.

That sound likes a clear hint to the character of Agatha Harkness. Plus, in the trailer she’s dressed as a witch. That can easily be another hint to who her character is.

It’s not a stretch of the imagination to see Agatha in WandaVision seeing how Agatha has a long and complicated relationship to the Scarlet Witch in the comic books.

So, who is Agatha Harkness?

Agatha was first introduced in the pages of the Fantastic Four as the governess to Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman’s son Franklin Richards.

She’s a powerful witch. Back in her day, she was the leader of a colony of witches in New Salem. Her son, Nicolas Scratch, returned and took control of New Salem. He convinced its inhabitants that Agatha had betrayed their secrets by working for the Fantastic Four.

Agatha was kidnapped, along with Franklin, and put on trial but was freed by the Fantastic Four.

Eventually, she became the magical tutor for the Scarlet Witch in the use of witchcraft.

Sometime later, the Salem Seven, who are the grandchildren of Agatha, took over the New Salem community again.

This time they captured Agatha and killed her by burning her at the stake.

Agatha made her presence known to Wanda in a post-death astral form leading Wanda to come into conflict with the Salem Seven.

In the ensuing battle, Vertigo (the leader of the Salem Seven) lost control of all the magical energies which resulted in the decimation of the town.

As we know in comic books, no one stays dead for long. Agatha resurfaced alive and well when Wanda’s infant children began exhibiting odd behavior such as disappearing for brief periods of time.

During this time, Wanda was becoming slightly unstable due to the fact that her husband, Vision, had been dismantled.

Agatha gave no clear indication of how or why she had returned. When the demon Mephisto claimed that Scarlet Witch’s children were actually fragments of his own soul he reabsorbed them.

Agatha mind-wiped Wanda’s memory of her children in an attempt to help her deal with the trauma.