It looks like She-Hulk is coming to the Disney+ streaming service!

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What a freaking good time to be alive! With all the MCU Phase 4 films already announced, Disney is rocking our faces off again by announcing three new Disney+ shows: She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and Ms. Marvel!

Now, while most people will know the mainstream Avengers Marvel is beginning to tip their toes in lesser-known superheroes.

So who is She-Hulk?

She-Hulk, otherwise known as Jennifer Walters, is the cousin of Bruce Banner who we know as the Hulk.

When Jennifer was 17 her parents died in a car crash. Her father had crossed paths with a crime boss before his death and the latter ended up shooting Jennifer. The attack left Jennifer seriously wounded. It just so happens on that same day Bruce was about to tell his cousin about his transformation into the Hulk.

With Jennifer in desperate need of a blood transfusion, Bruce provided his blood since they shared the same blood type. Now infused with the same gamma-radiated blood as her cousin Jennifer can transform into her version of the Hulk - aptly called She-Hulk.

As a highly skilled lawyer, Jennifer has served as legal counsel to various superheroes on numerous occasions during her comic book history.

In terms of abilities, She-Hulk is very similar to the Hulk. She possesses superhuman strength, superhuman speed, agility, stamina, and reflexes. Her body is insanely durable and nearly impervious to force, pain, and disease. She’s able to withstand extreme temperatures and possesses a healing factor which enables her to completely recover - similar to the Hulk and Wolverine.

But unlike her cousin Bruce, Jennifer’s personality and intelligence are less affected when she transforms into She-Hulk. Essentially, she’s already like Smart Hulk in Avengers: Endgame.

She-Hulk has served as a member of The Avengers countless times. She was also a member of A-Force - the all-female superhero squad where she fought alongside the likes of Captain Marvel, Medusa, and Dazzler. She’s even filled in for the Thing with the Fantastic Four.

So what can we hope to see from Jennifer as She-Hulk in the new Disney+ series?

Most fans are wondering if we will see any of Mark Ruffalo in the series seeing how it’s his blood transfusion that transforms Jennifer into She-Hulk. Obviously, I’m all for it! Marvel can be cheeky and only show Bruce at the beginning of the series when he donates his blood.

I'm sure Marvel doesn't want to focus too much on Bruce on a series about his cousin so I don’t expect to see him that much in the series.

One of the notable things in the comic books is that She-Hulk represents other superheroes in court so it’ll be interesting to see if she will be defending any superheroes we already know or if Marvel will use this time to introduce some other superheroes we haven’t seen on the screen.

With her various team connections - I wouldn’t be surprised to see She-Hulk (obviously if the show does well) pop up in future team-ups with the Avengers.

But if Marvel does ever decide to pick up with an all-female superhero team flick then they’ve already introduced another kick-ass hero who will be one of the most physically threatening of the team.

Listen to The Geeky Gentleman Podcast Episode 15: Who Is She-Hulk & 4 Clothing Tricks To Boost Your Self-Confidence here!

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